Greater St. Augustine Club

The Greater St. Augustine Club meets 6:30pm on the 2nd Monday of each month at the Shrine Club located at 250 Brainard Street in St. Augustine.

Our club’s mission is to attract members to the Republican Party, educate them on the important issues of the day, and provide them with practical ways to participate in the political life of our community and our nation. We support the principles of the Republican Party and work to help elect Republicans to public office.

Our board of directors is elected every April by the members of the club. Current officers are:

  • President Marty Miller

  • Vice President Ann Doyle

  • 2nd Vice President Gary Howell

  • Secretary Cheryl Howell

  • Treasurer Robert Veit

The club meets monthly. All residents of St. Johns County, Florida, who are registered Republicans are eligible for active membership.